“Love the sweetness of this site. It makes me feel like I am part of your family!”

“Your family was my Deaf and hard of hearing elementary students’ first exposure to a deaf family. I know many hearing people who have watched your videos. You are breaking stereotypes.”

“My name is Chris and I am in my third semester studying ASL at Ohio State. In addition to learning the language, we have also had many opportunities to learn about the Deaf culture. For whatever reason, seeing the challenges Deaf people have had to overcome through the years really resonated with me. Now that I know a fair amount of the language, I stumbled onto your YouTube channel and found it to be highly entertaining. Your family is adorable and hilarious. I love watching your videos. I just wanted to send a quick note of encouragement to you and your family. What you are doing is awesome and I plan to use it to educate my hearing friends/family.”

“You and your beautiful family are a huge part of ASL being the norm in this house. Thank you for all you have blessed us and for being a shiny example.”

“Your videos have really been a blessing for me and my 2 1/2 year old son Justin.  We found out he is deaf one year ago, and your family is an inspiration to me.  My truest desire has always been for him to reach his highest potential that God made him to be – whether deaf or hearing.  We are from Jamaica and I am always looking for more resources to teach him to expand his learning and potential.  I am slowly learning to communicate with him. So I was very happy when I came across your videos, where he can be further exposed to signing that is more advanced and very interactive, educational and fun. When he watches the video, his eyes totally lights up and a huge smile remains on his face – and he tries to copy the signs.  Thank you for sharing your joy and family.  We appreciate it so much. You have given me hope of who he can be.”

“I love watching these videos and will use them as supplements to a Sign Language Club that we have started at our high school so students can learn to communicate with our Deaf student.  Thank you so much for opening the world of sign to us.”

“I recently discovered your videos and I am so thankful I did.  My family has been studying ASL now for 7 years to be able to communicate with my Deaf niece who live far away from us.  So many other videos are available that present either vocabulary words or complex conversations but your videos fill the gap in between.  Your videos are entertaining and informative enough for children and adults alike.  ASL Nook videos are teaching us both the vocabulary and form of ASL, and I really appreciate the captions that help us better understand the meaning behind the way the signs are combined.  We live where few resources are available to learn ASL so thank you for helping us keep the communication going with my niece.”