Knowing what it was like to grow up as the only Deaf person in an all-hearing family and raising two young signers, Sheena felt something was missing from the internet. A place where everyone is welcome to learn ASL. Finding her inspiration from the Food Network Channel, ASL Nook came alive in 2013. Since that day everything changed! Little did the ASL Nook family know that it would have such a profound impact on people, especially on hearing families raising Deaf children. Our audience grew to where ASL classes – both high schools and universities – are using the videos as a part of their instruction. ASL Nook garnered a huge following. This would have not been possible without the Deaf community’s support and loyal viewers.

Shaylee, the oldest sister and daughter, is sassy, strong, and smart. Even after a full day of school, you’ll never catch her staying still. She is either pretending to teach a class, writing and performing songs, pulling up a laptop to google all kinds of information to understand the world a bit better, or being a hilarious, sometimes crazy stand up comedian. For as long as her parents can remember, she has loved all things magical, fantastical, and spooky. AND of course they can’t forget how much Shaylee loves roller coasters! The bigger the thrill, the more she wants to ride. Shaylee has become quite well-known for retelling classic Christmas stories in ASL. Her most popular one, “The Polar Express,” has reached a million views. Currently, Shaylee is a teenager (hard to believe!) and a professional actress seen in Netflix’s Feel the Beat, 13 Minutes, Noelle, and ABC’s upcoming show The Company You Keep.

Ivy, the baby of the family, is cuddly, a fly on the wall, and a TV fanatic. Heck, Ivy can give quite the mean stare when she is unhappy. Do not let her tiny stature deceive you as she is one brave climber, a whale of a swimmer, and an expert at finding hiding spots! Ivy loves building with legos, logs, and wooden blocks, creating her own abstract art, and making her own bracelets! Know that she’s shy in a huge crowd and with new people, but a ham at home. She wishes she could replace school with gymnastics everyday! Lately, she’s admiring women that are heroes in their own ways – Wonder Woman, Super Girl, or the everyday women who are making daring differences in this world. Currently, Ivy’s a thriving fifth grader who’s such a bookworm and taking gymnastics classes.

Sheena was born in Hong Kong to an Irish father and part Asian mother. Shortly after her parents’ discovery of Sheena being Deaf, America called their names. After attending an oral school until she was 10, her parents made a life-altering decision to place Sheena in a dynamic program with sign language. Being exposed to ASL, Deaf role models, and two beautiful daughters have molded Sheena into a trailblazing businesswoman, children’s book author, and sought after speaker. And on top of everything,Sheena completed Masters in Sign Language Education from Gallaudet University. To slow down her hectic life, you’ll find her unwinding in the pool or working out. Sheena, on a whim, will go miles and miles for authentic Chinese food or some good ole’ bangers and chips. Currently, Sheena just wrapped up Warner Bros. Discovery Early Career Bootcamp and aims to be an executive producer one day.

Originally made from Georgia, Manny is finally living in the weirdest city  –  the beloved Austin, Texas. He is a feminist dad to two crazy, adventurous girls. Sometimes Sheena feels like Manny is the third kid. He is also a joker, sweet potato lover, and chameleon who blends in with all kinds of people. Growing up, Manny became fascinated with entrepreneurship, which ignited his passion for supporting Deaf businesses everywhere. When you walk into his home… you’ll see books, artwork, clothes, and more created by innovative Deaf people! Girls (his little girls, mind you), sports, and in-depth debates about humanity capture Manny’s attention these days. He has “Carpe Diem” tattooed as a daily reminder to live in the moment. Currently, Manny is a financial coach, board advisor, and working for his parents’ business.