Recent Videos

Around the House in ASL


This is a tour like no others - guided by a 5 year old girl and done all in ASL! Shaylee has opened the doors of her home to you all. During the tour, Shaylee will be signing all the important signs you should know su...

Colors in ASL


There are so many colors in this is the time for you to learn them in sign language! Shaylee, Ivy, and their daddy goes into a world of colors at the same time demonstrates on how to sign each color. Join us!



A must for all ASL beginners! Learn the signs for the alphabet. Watch a family of four signing the ABCs plus some words that goes with each letter of the alphabet. When you know your ABCs, would you sign with us next ...

St. Patrick’s Day in ASL


This time around ASL Nook signs a story about "The Leprechaun Whisperer." Shaylee, the whisperer, traveled to Ireland with her family. Ireland is truly something special - thanks to the leprechauns who made her trip a...

Opposite Words in ASL


Join 2 year old Ivy and Daddy in learning all the different signs for opposite words. Are you feeling cold? or Not? Are you in or out? Do you prefer to take it slow or be fast? Whatever your answer is, you can now sig...

Valentine’s Day in ASL


Join us in making some creative Valentine's Day arts n' crafts. While we do the crafts, we will also be learning some new exciting signs that are all about love and Valentine's Day. In this vide, you will learn how to...

Super Bowl in ASL


Are you game to learn all about the Super Bowl in Sign Language? Watch a Deaf family play football in their backyard, sign the National Anthem, and enjoy the Super Bowl game! This video will teach signs including foot...

Your Clothes in ASL


Watch Shaylee and her mom dressing up and signing at the same time. You will learn the signs for words such as hat, dress, pants, and whatever you can find in your very closet. PS: Turn on the captions if you need to....

“The Night Before Christmas” Story in ASL


Tis the season to spread the gift of signing. This time around, a Deaf four year old girl retells a Christmas story called "The Night Before Christmas"  in American Sign Language (ASL). Subtitles are included for your...

Christmas in ASL


First it was Halloween...then along came Thanksgiving. Now, Christmas is just around the corner! Learn some Christmas and holiday words in American sign language with a Deaf family. You will learn the sign for Santa, ...

Thanksgiving in ASL


Tis the season of holidays. Let's celebrate by learning all about Thanksgiving in American Sign Language (ASL). Join us for dinner where you will sign the words of turkey, gobble, and football!

Learn ASL during Breakfast Part 2


Ivy, who is one year old, signs new words along with her mom during breakfast time. In this one, you will learn the sign for cat, drink, baby, and many more! There will be many more to come so, be sure to take a br...